Our Services

The core of A+A is the forecasting of trends communicated through a tactile and tangible output: the exclusive materials, patterns and prints we design in our Milanese studio. For 25 years, our expertise has provided clients with the right answers in terms of color, design, and fashion trends.

But what makes us truly different? Most trend studios communicate only through visual, while A+A creates a sensory, touchable and multi dimensional product.

We use ten different high-performance textile looms, cutters & printers in to offer the widest possibilities of tactile and visual effects for our clients.


Our 11 seasonal publications give creative direction in several design areas, from apparel and activewear to prints, textiles, domestic technology and automobile or home decor.

Our inspirational moodboards are coupled with exclusive patterns and materials to communicate our vision of the future. We provide additional workshops and direct consultancy to help our clients translate our trend books into their own products.


We have a made-to-measure approach to help each of our clients excel their business objectives. We assess our clients’ needs to determine the best creative approach, either guiding them in the creative development of their products, or educating them in terms of trends. We host creative workshops to accelerate the creative development of enterprises from within and create long-term relationships.

We empower businesses through our creativity and savoir-faire

Through a made-to-measure approach, we help each of our clients excel their business objectives. We determine the creative framework, guide the creative development of products, or deliver category-specific trend reports and forecasts. According to the clients’ specific market and product story, we exclusively develop patterns, colors, prints and more. Our know-how of unique materials, fabrics and patterns, makes us an essential partner in creating relevant and high-level products.


We coach our clients on how to use our products in the best way and how to translate macro trends to their own product lines. Our creative workshops are made to accelerate the creative development of companies from within. During our workshops, we deliver targeted mood boards, color ranges and materials providing direction for 1 to 3 years ahead.


We proudly produce unique pieces that are the synthesis of craftsmanship and innovation.

They are the fruit of intuition, exploration and of our mastering of production techniques. Our proprietary techniques blend handcraft and technology. Embroidery, laser-cutting, embossing, flocking, screen-printing, transfer-printing, coatings are just some of the ways we can produce any surface imaginable. A+A brings out the aesthetic possibilities of any material, from the most delicate lace to a foamy rubber, slick metal or dense concrete, depending on our client’s brief.

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